Vision and Mission Statement

Vision/Mission Statement

Our Vision

HES thrives on delivering excellence in occupational medicine by using the most up-to-date evidence based techniques, hence delivering renowned service that equip your Organisation with a state of the art Occupational Health and Well-being services.

HES I is continually striving to research and develop innovative programs that further evidence the correlation between improved employee wellbeing and employee and corporate productivity, capability and efficiency.

Occupational Medicine HES International

HES strives to ensure that businesses and industries achieve the following goals for their employees:

• Reduced absenteeism and presenteism
• Reduced staff turnover
• Reduced employee related healthcare costs
• Improved employee morale
• Attraction and retention of high-quality employees
• Increased productivity
• Witness an increased Return on Investment (ROI) and reduced Burden of Illness (BOI)

Our Mission

We will deliver all your occupational health needs right from the basic understanding of occupational health and its impact on your business to the most up-to-date services at the frontiers of knowledge in Occupational Medicine.

We will work with you to combat any possible work-related health issues and maximise the health of your employees aiming for the celebration of your increased productivity and a healthy happy workplace environment that would aspire everyone to be part of it.

If you would like to know any more about HES International please do not hesitate to contact us here.