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About Health Economic Solutions International

At Health and Economic Solutions, we advocate the delivery of unique Occupational health and wellbeing workforce programs that are imperative both to organizational efficiency and business performance, which are pillars in today’s competitive world.

Occupational Health Consultancy HES International

HES International believes that the well being of the workforce is a corner stone to the well being (health) of Organisations and the wider community. HES acknowledges that illness; sickness absence, work-place accidents and work related illnesses directly affect business efficiency, employee, morale and profitability.

We believe that healthy employees contribute to a healthy Organisation. Working in partnership with our clients, we are committed to:

  • Assist in protecting their employees from work related hazards,
  • Promote the health and wellbeing of the employees so they enjoy fit and healthy lives both at work and at home.

We pride ourselves in offering world-class occupational health services for your business. Our services are designed to help aid you not only have a more rapidly growing business but to ensure that your workplace is an enjoyable environment for your employees to work.